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President/CEO, Tek Consults Group, Inc.

Follow the way of the sun. At the right center of the larger continent, that depicts the shape of number nine [9], you will find a country small but so beautiful, Sir Winston Churchill called it the "Pearl." It is in this pearl at the shores of the second largest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria, that a Kingdom large and peaceful, hospitable to all that announce their arrival with news of peace, that I trace my lineage.

I was born in 1970 to Prince George William Jjuuko, and I am a nephew to the reigning King of Buganda, His Majesty King Ronald L. Muwenda Mutebi.

I was born at the time of Milton Obote, the first vice president of Uganda who assassinated my grandfather, the first president of the Republic of Uganda Sir King Edward Fredrick W. Mutesa II and overthrew the monarchy. [He himself was overthrown by Idi Amin Dada]. I was named after his son in order to keep his names alive with the hope of his return to become the King. (He was raised in exile in England. He returned and was crowned the King of Buganda in 1993).








I was educated through the British system, our colonizers until 1962. A graduate of Makerere University where I had my bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology. I also took Business studies from United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya.

My career started as the Children’s Programs Coordinator for the Catholic Archdiocese in Kampala, Uganda. I started the Children AIDS Prevention Programs for schools and communities [a three year pilot project] funded by UNICEF and Churches in Rome and Ireland. I went on to run the same programs [for three years] with the Anglican Archdiocese of Uganda, with funds from the Norwegian government and the church of Canterbury.

I have traveled to three great seas and many Countries in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean learning and sharing their cultures and traditions. I first came to the US in 1997 to attend World Youth Leaders Conference held in Houston, Texas, then returned in the summer of 1998 to visit and scout some postgraduate schools. I finally came back in 1999 and started school at Loyola University in Chicago.

In Rogers Park (on the far north side of Chicago), I worked briefly at Sonny’s Food Store while taking specialized computer studies. I left Sonny’s and worked as a facilities technician for Navigation Technologies in Des Plaines which develops navigation systems, then went to Specialty Computers and Systems Inc. [SCSI] computer service, a company based in Virginia, as a field technician until 2001. Then I launched my current company, Tek Consults, Inc., to provide computer technical support to small and medium size businesses.

Languages: I speak Luganda, Lusoga, Lugisu, Runyankole, Ruchiga [all Ugandan dialects] and English, Swahili and Sheng [combination of Kikuyu Swahili and English] a street slang from Nairobi-Kenya. I am currently learning Spanish.

Sports. I played Soccer professionally in Uganda. I also played rugby, swam, ran track and field, boxed, participated in mountain and rock climbing, biked, played table tennis and Omweeso [see description]. Today I play Soccer (with the Chicago Cranes, a Ugandan Soccer team and 2002-2003 World League Champion). I also bike, participate in indoor rock climbing, play golf, and fly small planes.

Titles and Positions:

  • Deputy Consular General. Ugandan Consulate, Mid-West U.S.A.
  • Past  President of the Uganda Men’s Forum of the greater Chicagoland Community
  • Past Vice-President of the Ugandan Community of Greater Illinois


  • Board member, Literacy Work (an Illinois adult literacy program)
  • Board member, Rotary International – Solar Program. (Sub- Saharan Coordinator)
  • Member: World Trade Center Chicago, Africa Committee
  • Member: East Africa Chamber of Commerce (U.S – Midwest)
  • Executive Committee Member: Rotary Club of Rogers Park, also a member of the Kiwatule Rotary club in Uganda
  • Member: AOPA (a pilots association)
  • Member: Illinois Pilots Association
  • Member: USGA [a golf association]
  • Charter Member: PGA Partners Club (a golf association]
  • Member: Mountain Club of Uganda

I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science.



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